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Rock's Edge

The Knap has always been a special place to me, especially when it comes to landscape photography.

12 years ago I got my first camera and being someone who loved the outdoors, landscape photography came natural. I already knew of many beauty spots and areas that I could photograph. One place was at the top of the list - The Knap.

Being on my doorstep, the Knap was the perfect place to learn landscape photography. I would come here with my camera EVERY day no matter the weather. I would get to work and think about the different images I could get and how I would capture them. No matter how many times I have been to the Knap it never disappoints. I would say that we are truly lucky to have such stunning scenery on our doorstep. It's the one place I rely on to clear my head and relax.

I have captured hundreds if not thousands of images at the Knap and I still manage to find great compositions and unique shots. Different views, landscapes, tides and weather make for endless opportunities.

This is a shot that I captured yesterday at the Knap. A stunning sunrise combined with the rugged rocks made for a great composition.

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